Please let me be comfortable. I really can not breathe. I’m sorry

R.I.P. George Floyd Water 😔

It will be around 8:30 am on May 25. Two police officers came to Cup Foods to investigate about a customer trying to pay with counterfeit money.

The suspect, 46-year-old George Floyd, was found dead in his parked car nearby.

According to video footage, a woman in the back of George Floyd’s car and a man in the front were called out separately.

The defendant did not resist at the beginning and end of the process, as was evident on camera footage. However, another officer was brutally stabbed in the neck and throat for eight minutes while being interrogated on the ground in violation of an officer’s criminal arrest rules.

Poor Floyd repeatedly apologized profusely for not being able to breathe.

“Please, let me just relax. I can not really breathe, sorry.”

However, the racist officer ignored Floyd’s request for help and continued to use inhumane interrogation methods.

The official is being investigated for allegedly posting similar racist statuses on social media.

An inhumane police officer did not spare Floyd even the slightest apology from a passerby who saw blood dripping from George Floyd’s mouth, screaming for help because he was not getting enough oxygen (assuming he had been hit by a trachea) and could not breathe.

By the time the ambulance arrived, George Floyd was in a coma and was in a coma.

Watch Video [/ embed]The mayor of Minneapolis, where the incident took place, has since apologized profusely at a press conference, including on social media, in tears over George Floyd’s unjust death.

But unfortunately, activists for Floyd, who could not stand racism, rallied to the point where they became involved in mass uprisings.

Police in Minneapolis have been on high alert, with buildings being set on fire and looting at malls, and street clashes with police have been reported. This is not good for either party.

We are human beings on earth. They were not born with the right choice of skin color. Why is it that people with 46 different chromosomes, flesh and blood, are brutally discriminated against because of their skin color? Why are people treated with contempt and class?

When it comes to racism, the word “black” refers to the fact that all of this racism, as bad as a police officer, indicates that it is too low in ethics and social norms. We need to stand together and condemn these in order to create a peaceful future, which is a very tender expression of compassion and love.

So start by analyzing yourself and think again, am I inferior to racism? If so, stop immediately. If so, remind them not to do it again. I saw it around my parents and relatives. If so, do your best not to repeat it. From the water carrier to the elite, regardless of race, gender, or race, please treat each other with respect.

Behind our ignorance:

How many like George Floyd have died unjustly in the face of discrimination?