If a student is found infected with the virus during school hours, the school will be temporarily closed

Ko Lay Win, director-general of the Department of Basic Education, said that if a student was found infected with the coronavirus when it opened, it would be temporarily closed.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the basic education schools will start from July 21 at the high school level and the rest of the classes will continue to open depending on the situation.

“Yes, only the school we met will be closed. It will be reopened in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Sports in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Sports. Students have to stay at home and do home learning, ”said Ko Lay Win.

In opening basic education schools, students, Students and teachers For the safety of the teachers, they are wearing a mask and a mask. Covers will be provided free of charge and handwashing will be provided systematically. Have lunch alone; The Ministry of Education has planned to ban group meals at all.

In schools with a large number of students, the school hours have been changed to include a two-hour school. Class time is one week. It is also planned to open with weekly breaks.

Nationwide basic education high school students; There are more than 1.2 million students and more than five million primary school students.