The Karen Youth Union (KYA) has issued a statement urging the Karen people to work together to achieve their goals

The Karen Youth Organization (KYO) Central Kaw Thu Lay called on the Karen people to work together in the New Year to achieve their goals.

The KYO made the call in a message sent on the 2,760th anniversary of the Karen National Day. Now is the time to work for national unity and development in the country.

The civil war, which has been raging for more than 70 years since independence, is undesirable. The KYO said in a statement that it had caused hardship and poverty. “Through the New Year, we are all aware of the need for national liberation for all our people. We must work for the establishment of a federal union of equal states and self-determination, ”said the KYO.

Therefore, KYO urges the Karen people to work together in unity in the new year to achieve the goals of these Karen people. The KYO said in a statement that it needed to work with other ethnic groups living in the country.

The Karen people want freedom, Justice; Although they love peace, they still live in fear. Thus, the freedom of the people, Fairness The Karen Youth Network (KYN) has stated that it must oppose any act that threatens peace and intimidates the people. Karen national leaders hoisted the Karen national flag in the Hluttaw in 1937. Karen’s national anthem was proposed.

As a result, in 1938, Karen New Year was declared an official government holiday. According to a KYO statement, the first Karen New Year was celebrated on December 21, 1938, on the first day of the first lunar month, 2678 A.D.