In Love with Japanese Celebrity, Morisaki Win (Win) News

Are Morisaki Win and Miyazawa Emma in love with Myanmar fans?
Japanese media talk about Mom and Dad !

In Japan, there are rumors that Morisaki Win, 29, and Miyazawa, 31, are dating.
The couple is said to be in a serious relationship and could continue to marry (if it is convenient).

Morisaki, a Burmese national, moved to mainland Japan in the fourth grade
He joined the dance and choir in 2008 and specializes in main vocals as well as music composition and composition.

He also starred as an actor and appeared in Gokusen: The Movie in 2009
He also starred in Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg in 2018.

Miyazawa was the maternal grandfather of former Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa Kiichi (deceased). He graduated from International School and attended Occidental College, where Obama attended. In his third year, he attended the prestigious University of Cambridge.

He later appeared on Japanese TV shows. Miyazaki’s grandfather, a former Japanese prime minister, has a huge political presence. Win is also said to be a goodwill ambassador for Myanmar’s tourism industry, which is said to strengthen Japan-Myanmar friendship.

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