Suspected drugs (ICE) worth about 800,000 were seized in Kunchankone Township

Yangon Region Kwan Chan Kone Township Kan Kone village tract; Aung Min Min, a Member of the Hluttaw for Region Hluttaw Constituency No. 2, told Burma that the suspected drugs (ICE) worth about 800,000 were seized in Se Ein Tan village on the night of July 31.

“Before 12 o’clock last night, the villagers and the police arrested the suspects. They found 50 bags of bananas with the word ‘MSW’ on it. Each bag contains 20 packages of one kilogram. All in all, a bag of bananas weighs a little less, for a total of 999.8 kg. Nearly a thousand. According to their estimates, it is about 800 lakhs per kilogram, 800 lakhs. It is believed to be ice. The other two escaped. I heard that someone was running away and was being arrested. This August, they came by car. They will board a speed boat on the beach of ten houses and leave. “It took about two hours for the speedboat to leave Rangoon,” he said.

On social media, NISSAN CARAVAN VW2E26, Vehicle license plate number MDY 4Q / 7179 sank at about 11:25 pm on July 31. An unidentified vehicle was being transported by a Johnson Engine Speed ​​Boat. The villagers were unaware of it, but when the car overturned, they did not open the car door.

While doing so, a villager took the two drivers to another location, according to a post on social media.

Kin Gone Village Administrator; Head of ten households in ten households; U Hla Thu, township chief of Myoma police station in Kunchankone Township; Chief of Kunchankone City Police Station; The camp commander and members of the police force from Tawku police station; Chief of Police and members of the police force from Lat Khok Kone Police Station; From Mudita Social Charity Association The driver of the car was dragged to the Lat Khok Kone police station by the villagers and the speedboat driver was taken to the police station.

One kilogram (1Kg) of Chinese QING SHAN brand was checked at Lat Khok Kone Police Station. 50 bags in the name of Myat Shwe War Rice Bag with 20 small bags; NISSAN CARAVAN VW 2E26 license plate MDY 4Q / 7179, carrying 1000 kg in front of witnesses; JOHNSON engine SPEED BOAT and speedboat driver; Other items were confiscated and recorded.

The current estimated price of ICE drugs is about 800,000 kyats per kilogram, making a total of 800,000 kyats, and the police are still working on it.