More than 100 illegal foreigners live in 50 Botahtaung Road Condo

Botahtaung Township, No. 5 Ward, 50th Street, Building A and Building B, about 400 rooms. About 40% of foreigners are tenants; During the covid 19 project, visitors were secretly instructed to stay home by health department staff. The environment is not informed to monitor compliance. These foreigners can go anywhere they want. Some residents reported; There was no arrival report on Form C.

The township health officer was told not to go out. They will value their life. You do not need to know the environment. Even the police can only be prosecuted for health reasons.

The ward administrator did not inform the heads of ten or 100 households. If the department gives instructions. People in the community are also worried. In this case, the problem is not with us. This is because it applies to the whole country. You can submit with evidence.

Relevant officials and staff in the township are (absolutely) unwilling to cooperate with the public. As a head of household, I report responsibly.