Chinese medical team arrives in Myanmar to help combat COVID-19 There will be a lab that can test 200 people for COVID-19 a day

The Yangon-China Medical Team will visit Myanmar in the first week of April to cover COVID-19; Dr Thar Tun Kyaw, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Sports, said that they would cooperate in the treatment.

The Chinese medical team includes infectious disease prevention specialists, Medical professionals; Traditional healers; The Permanent Secretary explained that a laboratory would be set up with laboratory technicians to test 200 people for COVID-19 a day.

“So this group will stay in our country for 14 days and exchange experiences with our Burmese experts,” said Dr Thar Tun Kyaw.

The Chinese medical team is from Yunnan province and will share its COVID-19 experience with Myanmar medical professionals, the Permanent Secretary said.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports on March 29, 10 people are infected with COVID-19 in Burma, and the National Health Laboratory tests about 300 people a day for COVID-19.

The Chinese government provided the first batch of COVID-19 anti-personnel equipment to Burma on March 17 for 2,016 people, and the second batch of 5,000 personal protective equipment (PPE); 5,000 N95 nasal masks and 200,000 disposable nasal masks were supplied on March 26. 

Source: 7Day News Journal