Omni Focus suspends more than 300 YBS drivers

Nine YBS bus lines will be shut down due to COVID-19 reduced travel and reduced revenue, a company official said.

More than 300 drivers working for Omni Focus General Services Public Co., ltd, a YBS private bus company operating in Rangoon, have been suspended from their jobs today (April 1), according to the company.  Nine of the company’s YBS (Yangon Bus Service) routes will be shut down with more than 300 drivers, and this is not in line with any government directives, said Tun Tawk Win, managing director of Omni Focus.  Drivers who want to receive compensation for the closure of bus lines to protect Kovit Naing Tin will be compensated with the basic salary of 150,000 issued by the government. If you want to continue driving without compensation, you will be allowed to continue driving on a commission basis and the company will provide you with food, he said.

“We can not predict how long this case will last. We want to put it bluntly, “said Roni Bar-On, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima

Unrestricted parking of drivers is not a complete dismissal of employees, but a guarantee of their health; U Tun Tawk Win said that the company’s revenue was reduced due to the decrease in travel due to Kovit Naing Tin.

At the end of March, Omni Focus shut down Airport Shuttle YBS and 101 routes to Rangoon Airport and Central Station due to government restrictions on passenger arrivals at the airport. 

If there are more than 300 drivers and employees on the two bus lines that have been stopped, they will be compensated if they have completed three months of service,

Drivers said they would stop today (April 1) without prior notice.

In the commission system, the company deducts 65% of the daily allowance and deducts 65% of the remaining amount. Omni Focus drivers say that if the driver does not have a passenger, he or she will have to pay 35%.

Dr. Maung Aung, Secretary of Yangon Region Transport Regulatory Authority (YRTA) was contacted about this. It’s just a matter of staffing rules and a company’s solution.

“We have informed the troubled bus company to manage its bus service in a balanced manner. If some of them stop, the rest of the lines will run on those lines, ”he said.

Compensation from Omni Focus will be paid to employees from three months to two and a half years of service, with a basic salary of 150,000 kyats and a minimum of 50,000 kyats for milk.

Ko Zaw Phone Ko, a driver who has been working for YBS 99 owned by Omni Focus for the past year and a half, said on Facebook Messenger that even the busiest bus lines in Rangoon now earn a maximum of 50,000 kyat a day, making it inconvenient to drive and there are no health protection plans for vehicles to date. 

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